About A3
A3 Gifts Company is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of giftware and
fashion jewellery accessories. Gifts products include coasters, keychains, photo
frames, pins and miscellaneous premium items. Fashion jewellery accessories include
bangles, bracelets, earrings, hair ornament, necklaces, rings. Products are made of
various kinds of materials such as metal & pvc in different shapes, sizes with colorful
patterns to match market's demands.

The company factory in China is equipped with over 150 skilled workers and strong
backup by a wide range of productions lines. Stringent in-house quality control assure
the high quality of each of products.
We emphasize on the importance of creating new and innovation products with reliable
quality standard. Providing the best customer services is our success key. We provide
a complete range of services from products design to delivery at a competitive price.
Design team release the latest art design periodically. Research & Development
Section always at the forefront in the extensive market.

We welcome any customer's design & OEM projects.
Interested buyers are highly welcome to contact us for more details.